Weber Genesis BBQs
Weber Genesis BBQs

Weber Genesis II BBQs - The gas grill that revolutionised grilling

The best selling Weber gas barbecues - Weber Genesis BBQ range has just got better with their new features. Designed for life the Weber Genesis II barbecue models all come with a 10 year guarantee.

When Weber, at the beginning of the 1980’s, decided to invent a new gas barbecue n...

Weber Genesis II BBQs - The gas grill that revolutionised grilling

The best selling Weber gas barbecues - Weber Genesis BBQ range has just got better with their new features. Designed for life the Weber Genesis II barbecue models all come with a 10 year guarantee.

When Weber, at the beginning of the 1980’s, decided to invent a new gas barbecue nobody knew that the result would become a true BBQ icon. Today the Genesis is one of the most beloved gas barbecues with its stylish modern design, innovative features and user-friendliness.

Flashback to 1985 - a year that marks a milestone for every Weber enthusiast. That year Weber introduced a new gas barbecue - a barbecue nobody had ever seen the likes of before, and that set new standards for what to expect of a gas barbecue. The series got the name Genesis and with this new barbecue Weber also introduced another new revolutionary invention, the Flavorizer Bars. An invention that changed gas grilling forever.

For the past 30 years, the Genesis gas barbecue has become a name synonymous with quality, longevity, performance, innovation, and trust.  Now, Weber has taken those 30 years of experience and have developed something even better for 2017.  Welcome, to Genesis II.  The Weber Genesis II line includes 8 unique models across two style platforms.  Each platform now comes in 4 different sizes ranging from a 2-burner to a 6-burner barbecues, matching the perfect grill to every life stage and every life style.
There are more choices, more options, exciting innovation, extended warranties, and so much more, proving once again, Weber is for life!

Weber Genesis II BBQ, new Weber Genesis 2 BBQ

Before then the issue with gas barbecues was that people often experienced flare-ups and that the food did not taste like on the charcoal barbecue. But when Weber's engineer, Erich Schlosser came up with the idea of the Flavorizer Bars that issue was fixed: When the grease and juice felt down on the bended metal bars placed over the burners a small amount of smoke was created-enough to make food on the gas barbecue taste like classic barbecued food. Furthermore the bars prevented flare-ups and the burner system made it possible to grill both at direct and indirect heat. Combined with a new innovative design and features an icon was born. Through the years the Genesis has been updated and new models have joined. Today you can get models with and without side burner and you can upgrade it with a rotisserie, GBS accessories, smoker box and much more. Making it possible to do all sorts of food on the barbecue.

New Weber Genesis 2 BBQ Range
Each Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX barbecue is equipped with the same basic components and features; such as the GS4 high performance grilling system, iGrill 3 ready, and Infinity Ignition.

The Genesis® II LX takes it up a notch, offering everything you need – and then some. This series includes additional upgraded features such as a side burner, High+ heat setting, and illuminated control knobs.
The Genesis® II/LX is powered by the exclusive GS4 High Performance Grilling System. GS4 is the core of all models. The engine behind the series. The power that creates superior results and makes life that much easier. So here’s to you, here’s to us, here’s to togetherness and amazing food!

Which Weber Genesis 2 BBQ is right for you?

Weber Genesis II BBQ GS4 Grilling System

The GS4 High Performance Grilling System sets a new standard in the world of barbecue cuisine, and lands the Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX series of gas barbecues in a class of their own. This innovative grilling system is based on over 30 years of barbecuing experience, culinary expertise, and most importantly, avidly considering the wants and needs of the people who matter most – the barbecuing community.

Each component of GS4 was uniquely designed for ease-of-use and to provide an unequaled satisfaction to your backyard grilling experience. Promising burners that are ensured to ignite every time, smoke infused food that grills evenly and consistently regardless of where it’s placed on the cooking grate, and hassle free cleanup; you are able to focus on what it’s is all about – bringing people together around the grill.

The GS4 grilling system is composed of four key components: The Infinity Ignition, High Performance Burners, Flavorizer® Bars, and Grease Management System. These components ensure that every aspect of your barbecuing experience is easy and reliable; from the moment the burners are lit to the general maintenance of your grill. And together, create the strongest barbecue engine within every Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX grill.

Weber iGrill Genesis bbq
Master the art of a medium-rare steak and become the culinary genius you aspire to be - no training necessary.

The Weber iGrill 3 digital Bluetooth thermometer monitors the internal temperature of food from beginning to end, and will notify you once it has reached the perfect degree to serve.

Simply download the Weber® free iGrill app on your mobile device and sync it to your Genesis® II or Genesis® II LX (iGrill device sold separately).

Once you’re connected, the possibilities are virtually endless, and you’ll find out very quickly that Weber iGrill 3 is more than a cutting-edge thermometer.

How does the iGrill 3 work? - Each Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX barbecue is iGrill 3 Ready. This means that you can install the iGrill 3 digital Bluetooth thermometer into the side table and sync it to your mobile device. Connect up to four iGrill temperature probes and monitor your steak, chicken, or roasts all at one time.

When you experience the new Weber Genesis II and Genesis LX BBQ for the first time, you will be thrilled to realise that once again, Weber has developed the perfect tool for sophisticated barbecue fans. Its high performance, the excellent Weber quality, and especially the numerous innovations turn the Genesis II / LX into the epitome of top-class gas barbecuing.

As if the Genesis II series was not already enough -the Genesis II LX models have even more to offer. This luxury series boasts additional features and possibilities that satisfy even the most demanding barbecue requirements. It’s all about raising the bar in the world of backyard cuisine.

The Genesis II LX series has been developed and engineered on the basis of the results of Weber’s research - listening to the needs of consumers. And then taking it all a step further. Therefore each model is of course also equipped with a side burner, an upgraded tuck-away warming rack and a whole new powerful burner system.

Additional Side Burner
While you make a salad on the side table and the chops sear under the lid, you can make perfect use of the additional side burner. heat the your specially crafted BBQ sauce, boil the pasta or do an extra side dish on it. Help free up the kitchen hob!

Integrated Ignition
All the Genesis LX models have been equipped with a special version of the electronic ignition system. Here a switch is built into each burner ensuring smooth ignition every time just by the turn of a knob.

The handle has a handle light, so you can see the entire cooking area even when cooking at night and with the push of a button the control knobs light up to offer optimal control in the dark. So you never have to sacrifice convenience or usability due to the time of day. The control knob lights can even be switch on via your smart phone when using iGrill 3 with your Weber Genesis II LX bbq. (iGrill sold separately)

High+ - The ultimate control over the grate
With this setting you can sear meat where you want, when you want. All burners can be turned up to the highest setting for an added boost of heat anywhere on the cooking grate.  Making it perfect for searing food. Creating the delicious sear marks we all love - or for decreasing the preheat time of your cooking grates. Extra power and control over the entire cooking grate!

Grill Cabinet
The grill cabinet provides extra storage space for all of your essential grilling tools. Everything you need at your fingertips, when you need it.

Warming rack - and more
The warming rack is specially designed to accommodate the Weber Elevations line of accessories. When folded down, the rack acts as a tiered base for each of the Elevations accessories to be placed in. This increases the cooking capacity and efficiency by elevating everything above the cooking grate.

Beyond the additional Weber Genesis LX BBQ features and strong GS4 grilling system, both Genesis series are characterised by new and improved features. these include being iGrill 3 compatible, an innovative tuck-away warming rack and the gourmet bbq system cooking grates.

Built to last - Comes with a 10 year limited warranty
All Weber Genesis BBQs come with a limited warranty of up to 10 years. To ensure your Weber is covered, remember to register it.
When you register, Weber will send you a welcome pack with recipe cards, cooking tips and info on our range of accessories. So register as soon as its delivered to you and sit back, relax and start your new life with a Weber – the UK’s number one barbecue brand.

Infinity Ignition - Fires Up The First Time, Every Time
Weber’s® innovative Infinity™ Ignition starts each burner quickly and reliably. You’ll be up-and-grilling on the first try, guaranteed.

High Performance Burners - Innovative Burners Heat Evenly
Your food will grill evenly and consistently on the entire cooking surface. The unique, tapered design delivers a steady gas flow from front to back.

Grease Management System - Controls Grease & Adds Flavour
Less cleaning, more relaxing. The grease management system funnels excess grease into the centered drip tray for easy cleaning, while Flavorizer® Bars evaporate drippings, adding smoky flavours to foods and help control flare-ups.

GS4 Grilling System - The centre of it all
The Genesis ll and Genesis ll LX series of gas barbecues accommodate every walk of life. Ranging in size from two to six burners, all equipped with exceptional features and the new GS4 high performance grilling system, power and convenience will never be dependent on the amount of space you have or people to feed. It's the most powerful grill engine from Weber to date! The GS4 grilling system sets a new standard in the world of backyard cuisine, and lands the two series of gas barbecues in a class of their own.

Side Tables With Integrated Tool Hooks
Use the side tables to keep platters, seasonings, and tools within arm’s reach. Hang your essential barbecue tools on the hooks for easy access and organisation of your workspace. The left side table folds down in models equipped with two and three burners.

More storage capacity under the barbecue
The gas bottle is now located on the side of the barbecue, which makes it easier to replace. at the same time, it leaves a generous storage space under the barbecue for all your favourite barbecue accessories.

Modern Design & Ergonomic Lid
The Genesis II LX series has an enclosed cart design providing additional room and storage of your barbecue tools.
Opening and closing the lid is now even more convenient and ergonomic thanks to the new lid.

GBS Inside
The many GBS inserts fit both series and open a universe of cooking possibilities. The Genesis® bbq range comes equipped with the Weber® Gourmet BBQ System grate. The Weber® Gourmet BBQ System has a 30cm removable central section. For use with the Weber® Gourmet BBQ System accessories. Such as the Pizza stone, Poultry Roaster, Griddle, Sear Grate, Dutch, Wok and even a Waffle/Sandwich Insert!

iGrill 3 Compatible
Thanks to an integrated frame in the side table, the Genesis II comes fully prepared for the newly developed iGrill 3 thermometer available here. This is the newest barbecuing essential - the iGrill 3 digital Bluetooth thermometer monitors your food from beginning to end, displaying the real-time temperature on your mobile device. Once you’ve downloaded the free Weber® iGrill app, connect the iGrill to Bluetooth, and run up to four thermometer probes from your barbecue to the food. (extra iGrill probes sold separately.)  Opening the door for a whole range of possibilities in combination with your smart phone. (iGrill sold separately).

Weber Performer BBQs UK Best Prices
Weber Performer BBQ Trusted Shops

A family business you can TRUST, buy from the BEST…
Concerned about buying online? Dont be... take a look at our 5 Star reviews from REAL customers. As a family business passionate about Weber barbecues you can be assured your in the best possible hands throughout your purchase and aftersales support.
Your new Weber is for life. And life with Weber doesn’t stop once you’ve paid for it! At Weber they are always on hand to offer advice and help you become part of the exciting world of Weber.

Don't forget a Weber BBQ Cover to protect your new Genesis bbq, Weber Toolset for flipping those steaks and any Weber BBQ Accessories. Please see Accessories tab of this page for related products.

Barbecue Specifications & Features

• GS4™ High Performance Grilling System: Electronic Ignition System, High Performance Burners, Flavorizer® Bars, Grease Management System

• Porcelain-enamelled lid and stainless steel side tables, make the barbecue weather-proof and easy to clean

• Porcelain-enamelled cast iron Gourmet BBQ System® cooking grate that fits all inserts

• Electronic Ignition System – ensured to ignite every time

• High Performance Stainless Steel Burners – unique, tapered shape that deliver a consistent gas flow from front to back, providing the ultimate heat distribution to the cooking grates

• Flavorizer® Bars – catch drippings that smoke and sizzle, adding that irresistible smoky flavour to the food

• Grease Management System – helps to prevent flare-ups and makes clean up easy

• High+ - A sear burner on top of each individual burner

• Side burner

• iGrill 3 compatible

• Enclosed cart design for extra storage

• Tuck-Away warming rack

• Handle light (on LX series)

• Illuminated control knobs (on LX series)

• Side table with integrated tool hooks

• Easy gas tank access

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The following Weber Genesis II barbecue models are available from BBQs 2u:-

Weber® Genesis® II E-210™ GBS™ BBQ - Black,
Weber® Genesis® II E-310™ GBS™ BBQ - Black or Smoke Grey,
Weber® Genesis® II E-410™ GBS™ BBQ - Black or Smoke Grey,
Weber® Genesis® II E-610™ GBS™ BBQ - Black.

Genesis II LX Range:-

Weber® Genesis® II LX E-240™ GBS™ BBQ - Black,
Weber® Genesis® II LX E-340™ GBS™ BBQ - Black,
Weber® Genesis® II LX S-340™ GBS™ BBQ - Stainless Steel,
Weber® Genesis® II LX E-440™ GBS™ BBQ - Black,
Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ BBQ - Stainless Steel,
Weber® Genesis® II LX E-640™ GBS™ BBQ - Black,
Weber® Genesis® II LX E-640™ GBS™ BBQ - Stainless Steel.


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