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BBQs 2u sells and stocks Kamado Joe BBQsNapoleon barbecues and Ooni Pizza Ovens as well as all the amazing Kamado Joe Accessories and Napoleon Accessories.  We are passionate about barbecues and have a great deal grilling knowledge to share with our customers.  Whether you want a Gas or Charcoal there is a BBQ for everybody!

Take a look at the fantastic Kamado Joe Classic 2 BBQKamado Joe Classic 3 BBQ, if you cooking for a crowd check out the Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 or the Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 for some seriously large cooking areas.  There are some awesome new innovations.

Here in the UK we are barbecuing more than ever before. Lots of people would still like to barbecue even more, but it can be difficult to fit this into our daily routine for one reason or another, The original kettle barbecue has therefore been joined today by a wide variety of barbecues, providing many options to choose between.

The most important thing is to find the barbecue which is perfect for you and your family-you simply need to work out what you need. Perhaps it is your first barbecue and you want something which can teach you the basics, or you may only barbecue a few times a year but would like to do so more often-without consuming a lot of your time.

BBQs 2u aim is to provide high quality Kamado Joe Grills, Napoleon barbecues, Napoleon BBQ Accessories at the most competitive prices online and at the same time give fantastic customer service you deserve.

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Open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm. Visit our showroom to see all our products, along with the opportunity to have demonstration of features and functionalities of the products.  We are always happy to talk barbecue!

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Your choice of fuel

Napoleon Charcoal BBQs Napoleon Gas BBQs



Enjoy an authentic sensory experience with Napoleon's charcoal barbecues. They light in just 20 minutes with the Chimney Starter and briquettes, as well as delivering a fuss-free clean up with the unique ash catcher.

Napoleon charcoal bbqs standard features include:- ACCU-PROBE built-in temperature gauge. Large, removable ash catcher in heavy-duty steel. Corner hinged lid (PRO22K-LEG and PRO22K-CART). Cast iron cooking grid on the PRO22K-LEG and PRO22K-CART, chrome-plated stainless steel cooking grid on the NK22K-LEG

Napoleon's gas models make it easy to cater to large crowds with generous preparation and cooking areas. With the Jetfire ignition and temperature control, barbecuing has never been easier. And you don’t even have to compromise on taste, thanks to their unique design.

All Napoleon gas barbecues are made from either stainless steel or premium steel with a porcelain-enamel coating. Both the JETFIRE ignition system and the WAVE cooking grids come as standard with all our gas BBQs.

Why Napoleon?

Over 38 years at the forefront of barbecue design and innovation.

Napoleon BBQ 10 Year Warranty  Napoleon BBQ 15 Year Warranty  Napoleon BBQ Lifetime Warranty

Buying a Napoleon barbecue is an investment, as Napoleon provide a guaranteed of up a lifetime you can be assured that in the unlikley event that something goes wrong you have the backup of Napoleon's fantastic customer service.  Napoleon want to make sure their barbecues bring our customers years of happiness, which is why they all come with at least 10 years warranty.

Napoleon is not just about barbecuing… They believe in cooking amazing food outdoors and having fun. Aiming to bring out an array of delicious flavours, provide the best quality barbecue and help you and your family create happy memories for years to come.

No hassle - Just happiness!

Your barbecuing experience is really important to Napoleon and us, which is why Napoleon insist on the highest quality parts and components so you get consistently good results.

All their products are built to the highest specifications using premium grade materials and components and every product goes through rigorous testing to ensure quality and durability.

Napoleon barbecues are of course the best barbecue brand in the UK. Whether for charcoal or Gas, with Napoleon barbecues you get perfectly cooked food every time.

-  Designed and engineered in Canada.
-  Easy to grill, roast or bake with the unique 'lid-on' cooking techniques.
-  Great tasting food everytime.
-  Easy to clean.
-  Weather-proof and durable.
-  All Napoleon BBQs are engineered to last.
-  Napoleon have so much confidence that their gas and charcoal barbecues are guaranteed for at least 10 years.

Napoleon barbecues are so versitile you can cook so much more than burgers and sausages on a sunny day!  You can bbq pizzas, bake cakes, roast dinners, deserts and so much more thanks to Napoleon's engineering.  Barbecue all year round!