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LumberjAxe Rubs & Sauces

LumberjAxe Food Company commenced from a passion of good food, barbeque, and grilling.

Having enjoyed the journey of producing good food for good people, wether it be at a family barbeque, or for a home cook, we always aimed to provide the best quality possible.

​We as a company strive to provide our customers with an authentic American barbeque experience at the heart of the UK. By providing them with the high quality products they require, to get the results they need.

LumberjAxe Sauce Collection

We started LumberjAxe with our original 4 seasonings. Our aim with these products is to capture the overall 'main' 4 flavours of BBQ. These to this day remain the pillars of our business.

Sweet Barbeque for those who have a sweet tooth, Hot Buffalo for those who like a kick, The T-Bone for all of our steak lovers and Garlic & Herb for something to spruce up your potatoes.

LumberjAxe Rubs