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Kamado Joe Konnected Joe uk Grill


What makes the Konnected Joe different from other ceramic grills is how easy it makes starting and getting up to temperature. Simply turn the Kontrol board on, hit the Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) button and set your temperature. You can even manage the temperature through the Kamado Joe app. Charcoal grilling has never been this easy.

Kamado Joe Konnected Joe uk AFS

The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Grill is a new addition to the Kamado Joe line of grills. It is a high-tech, smart grill that is designed to provide an exceptional grilling experience. The Konnected Joe Grill has a range of features that make it stand out from other grills on the market. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the features of the Konnected Joe Grill and what makes it a unique and innovative product.

Kamado Joe Konnected Joe uk App

The Konnected Joe will be available for pre-order from BBQs 2u following a launch party hosted by Kamado Joe’s director of culinary inspiration, chef Eric Gephart, at the Paris BBQ Expo 14-16th April.

One of the standout features of the Konnected Joe Grill is its smart connectivity. The grill is Wi-Fi enabled, which means that you can control and monitor it from your smartphone or tablet. This feature is particularly useful for people who like to grill but don't want to spend the entire time standing by the grill. With the Konnected Joe Grill, you can set the temperature, monitor the progress of your food, and receive alerts when your food is ready, all from your smartphone.

The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Grill also has a range of features that make it an exceptional cooking tool. It has a large cooking area of 250 sq. in., which is perfect for cooking large cuts of meat or multiple items at once. The grill also has a multi-level cooking system, which allows you to cook at different levels and temperatures simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for cooking different types of food at the same time, such as vegetables and meats.

The Konnected Joe Grill also has a unique air lift hinge system, which makes it easy to lift and close the lid of the grill. This feature is particularly useful when you are cooking large cuts of meat that require frequent basting or when you need to add more charcoal to the grill.

In addition to its innovative features, the Konnected Joe Grill is also built to last. It is made from high-quality materials, including ceramic, stainless steel, and cast iron. These materials are not only durable, but they also provide excellent heat retention and distribution, which is essential for achieving the perfect sear on your meat.


18-inch WiFi ceramic grill with 250 sq. in. of cooking space

AFS (Automatic Fire Starter) button to instantly light your charcoal

Digital Kontrol Board for temperature graphing, alerts, and multiple cook modes

Use the Kamado Joe App to set temperature and time, monitor meat probes and discover new recipes

Kontrol Fan automatically maintains your desired temperature from 225°F to 700°F

Automatic Cook Mode for digitally connected cooking or Manual Cook Mode for a traditional kamado grilling experience

Kontrol Tower top vent maintains consistent air setting during dome opening and closing

Includes lifting handles for easy and safe loading and unloading of the grill

Air Lift Hinge significantly reduces dome weight

2-Tier Divide & Conquer® Cooking System for cooking various foods at different temperatures

Heavy duty powder-coated steel grill cart with locking wheels

Other features and accessories included: Stainless steel latch, Advanced Multi-panel (AMP) firebox, Stainless Steel Cooking Grates, Folding Aluminium Side Shelves, Grill Gripper, Ash Tool, Heat Deflectors, Accessory Rack, and 1 Meat Probe.

Compatible with outdoor kitchens. See user manual for more details.

Compatible with the Classic Joe Cover and accessories (NOT compatible with the Classic Joe Charcoal Basket) 

Kamado Joe Konnected Joe uk - AFS Button

AFS (Automatic Fire Starter) Button

AFS (Automatic Fire Starter) button eliminates the need to manually light your charcoal with a built-in element to quickly ignite a flame

Kamado Joe Konnected Joe uk - Kontrol Board

Digital Kontrol Board

The Kontrol Board premium digital control panel features 24-hour temperature graphing, notification alerts, and automatic temperature control for precision cooking

Kamado Joe Konnected Joe uk - App Connectivity

App Connectivity

Set and adjust your temperature and time, monitor your meat probes, look up recipes, and continuously elevate your craft with the compatible Kamado Joe App

Kamado Joe Konnected Joe uk - Temperature Graphing

Temperature Graphing

Monitor your temperature over time with the state-of-the-art temperature graph to become a master of your cooking craft


The Konnected Joe is the very first Kamado Joe grill to offer built-in digital controls to provide a digitally connected ceramic grilling experience. Light your charcoal with the push of a button and control and monitor you cooks via the Kontrol Board or the Kamado Joe app. The Konnected Joe also offers the standard Kamado Joe innovation with the 2-Tier Divide & Conquer® Cooking System, Slide-Out Ash Drawer, Air Lift Hinge and more.


1. The Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) ignites charcoal quickly with the push of a button via heating element inside the grill.

2. Kontrol Board allows the user to set and monitor cook modes, grill temperature, meat probes, and session graphing. Connect to the Kamado Joe app via Wi-Fi.

3. The Digital Fan maintains and regulates temperature consistency throughout the cook by generating airflow through the grill interior. You may also use Classic Cook mode for a traditional Kamado Joe grilling experience.

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Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Bundle

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The Konnected Joe will come standard with the 2-Tier Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System, accessory rack, 2 ceramic heat deflectors, 2 stainless steel cooking grates, ash tool, grill gripper, and 1 meat probe.

Model Number: KJ15041123

WIDTH: 47 inch

HEIGHT: 48 inch

Grill Weight: 98kg

Heat Range: 225°F to 700°F

Cooking Surface: 18" Diameter

MAX COOKING SPACE: 250 sq. in.

Join the Outdoor Cooking Revolution! Introducing the NEW Konnected Joe. ® The first automated ceramic charcoal grill. Kamado Joe kept the premium features such as the Air Lift Hinge, Kontrol Tower, and 2-Tier Divide and Conquer and added the Automatic Fire Starter (AFS), Kontrol Board, and Kontrol Fan that allows for total temperature control – all with the push of a button. Are you ready for the new world of ceramic charcoal grilling? 

Overall, the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Grill is an exceptional product that offers a range of innovative features and capabilities. Whether you are a seasoned griller or a beginner, this grill is sure to provide an exceptional grilling experience. With its smart connectivity, large cooking area, and unique features, the Konnected Joe Grill is a product that is well worth considering for anyone in the market for the latest high-quality grill.



How do I assemble my Konnected Joe? 

• Find step-by-step instructions for grill assembly in the instruction manual. 

How do I start the Konnected Joe? 

1. Clean out any remaining ash in the firebox from a previous cook. Old ash can prevent proper ignition. Use your ash tool to clean out the firebox and ash drawer.

2. Add charcoal to the firebox. 

3. Close the bottom vent fully. Note: When running the grill in automatic mode, the bottom vent should be closed completely at all times.

4. Close the dome.

5. Power on your grill with the switch on the rear.

6. Power on your controller.

7. Set your temperature on your controller and position the vents as described.

8. Press the Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) button to engage the element to ignite the charcoal. The element is ON when the red light is glowing. The element will stay on for 15 minutes. Press and hold the AFS button again to turn the element OFF if desired. 

What is the Automatic Fire Starter and how does it work? 

• The Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) is an electric fire starter element built-in to the Konnected Joe grill. Press the AFS button to engage the element to ignite the charcoal. The element is on when the red light is glowing and will stay on for 15 minutes. Your charcoal will automatically ignite with the AFS, no fire starters needed. 

Can I turn on my Konnected Joe from the app? 

• You cannot turn on the Konnected Joe from the app. For safety, in order to turn the unit on, you have to power the grill on with the power switch on the back of the unit. Additionally, you must power on the controller, and manually ignite the Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) from the ignition button, this cannot be done remotely. To adjust temperatures in the app, you first have to set the temperature on the grill controller. Once you’ve initiated these buttons, and ensured you have proper charcoal in your grill, you can monitor and adjust the temperature remotely from the app. 

Can I turn off my Konnected Joe from the app? 

• No, you cannot completely turn the grill off remotely, you can only power down the controller from the app. If you turn off your controller from the app, the fan and controller will turn off, but your charcoal will continue to burn. Properly shutting down any kamado grill requires that you adjust the vents to eliminate oxygen and extinguish the charcoal.

To properly shut down your Konnected Joe, we recommend: 

o When you are done cooking, power off your controller and grill, and close the bottom vent completely.

o When the temperature falls below 400°F, close the top vent. o Note: Do not cover the grill until the dome is cool to the touch. 

What are the Cook Modes and how do I use them?

Classic Cook Mode: When you are using Classic Cook Mode, you are not using the digital controls of the grill and are enjoying a traditional kamado cooking experience. Note: You can still use the Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) when using Classic Cook Mode.

Automatic Cook Mode: In Automatic Cook Mode, your grill will utilize the Kontrol Board and the Kontrol Fan to maintain the temperature for you automatically.

Accessory Cook Mode: In Accessory Cook Mode, you are telling the Kontrol Board that you are using the DoJoe, Joetisserie, or Full Surface Griddle that requires the grill dome to be open. The grill will prompt you when the grill dome is open, select the corresponding accessory from the list. 

Do I have to use the Konnected features, or can I use the grill like a regular Kamado Joe? 

• You do not have to use the connected features to use the Konnected Joe. In Classic Cook Mode, you can use the grill just like any other traditional Kamado Joe® ceramic grill, using the top and bottom vents to control your grill temperature. In Classic Mode, you can still use the Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) to light your charcoal. 

How do I set Classic Cook Mode? 

• You do not need to set Classic Cook Mode. When using Classic Cook Mode, you are using your grill as a traditional kamado grill. You’ll want to open your vents, ignite your grill with the Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) and keep an eye on the thermometer on the grill dome until the desired temperature is reached. Note, when using Classic Cook Mode, you can still use the Kontrol Board as a monitoring device to tell you your grill temperature, meat probe temperatures, and for timers. 

What type of charcoal should I use in the grill? 

• For the best cooking experience and superior taste, we recommend lump charcoal. Check out Kamado Joe’s Big Block XL Lump Charcoal, it is a premium hardwood that burns hotter and lasts longer. 

How does the timer work? 

• The timer can count down or count up. To initiate the count up timer, hold the button down. 

How do I set up graphing? 

• Graphing is automatic if you have the grill controller powered on.

How many meat probes can I monitor? 

• You can monitor up to 3 meat probes. Your grill comes with one. 

What is screensaver mode and how do I activate it? 

• Screensaver mode keeps all set grill temperatures and timers active, but will turn the Kontrol Board black and dimly pulse the Kamado Joe logo. To active it, press and hold the screen cycle button. 

What is the best way to cool down my grill? 

• Once you are done cooking, power off your Kontrol Board and power off your grill. Ensure the bottom vent is closed completely. Once the grill temperature falls below 400°F (205°C), close the top vent. Do not cover the grill until the grill dome has cooled completely. 



How do I clean the Konnected Joe? 

• The easiest way to clean your grill is to do a self-cleaning burn-off. This process will burn off residue from the inside of your grill. Before cooking again, brush the cooking grates with a standard grill brush. Brush the ceramics and heat deflectors with a soft bristle brush. Scoop or vacuum out all cold ash from the bottom of the grill. During regular use when your heat deflectors get dirty, flip them over for the next cook and the heat will remove unwanted residue. 

To do the self-cleaning burn-off: 

1. Add charcoal and light it. 

2. Install the Divide & Conquer® flexible cooking system in the top position and both heat deflectors on the accessory rack.

3. Using Classic Cook Mode, open the top and bottom air vents fully and let the temperature inside the grill rise to 600°F (315°C) with the dome closed.

4. Hold the temperature at around 600°F (315°C) for 15-20 minutes.

5. Close the bottom vent fully and wait another 15-20 minutes to close the top vent. 

How often should I clean it? 

• We recommend you do a thorough cleaning of your grill at least once or twice a year for optimal performance. Remove the firebox panels from the inside of the grill. Remove all ash or debris. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside ceramic surface and vacuum all cold debris from the bottom of the grill before reassembling. 


What is the warranty for Konnected Joe? 

• The Konnected Joe is protected by the standard Kamado Joe warranty, a limited lifetime warranty on ceramic parts, 5-year warranty on metal parts, 3-year warranty on electronic components / heat deflectors / pizza stones, 2-year warranty on miscellaneous components and standalone accessories. Read full warranty details. 

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