Weber Recipe BBQ Demo - BBQ Roast Lamb and Vegetables

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BBQ Roast Lamb and Vegetables

The classic Sunday roast is so easy to do on your barbecue and tastes a lot better than in your normal oven. But most importantly its a lot more fun to do on your Weber BBQ!
Here we cooked a shoulder of Lamb and vegetables on a Weber One Touch Original 57cm BBQ.
Follow the photos and we hope you enjoy. For all your Weber barbecue needs come to BBQs 2u - The Family business passionate about Weber barbecues.


Shoulder of Lamb or any other large cut of Lamb
Olive oil
Fresh Rosemary
Salt & Pepper

Weber Accessories Used

Weber Cooking Grate 57cm Hinged

Weber Charcoal Briquette Holders

Weber Mesquite Woodchips

Weber Firelighters

Weber Long Lasting Briquettes

Weber Chimney Starter -

Weber Vegetable Basket

Weber Thermometer Probe


Follow the photos and descriptions below of how to cook the Lamb on your Weber charcoal barbecue. The Weber barbecue and all the wonderful accesories make it easy and so much fun to a cook a sunday dinner roast on the bbq.

Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 1
Add a couple of Weber Firelighters to your charcoal grate.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 2
Fill the Weber Chimney Starter to the top level with Weber Long Lasting Briquettes.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 3
Place the Weber Chimney Starter over the lit firelighters.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 4
After 15 minutes or so your briquettes will begin glowing. While your waiting you could toast a few marshmallows or a pepper over the heat!Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 6
Once the briquettes have a nice grey coating carefully pour them into the Weber Charcoal Briquette Holders.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 7
Briquettes stored nicely in the holders. They make it very easy to move groups of briquettes around the barbecue for different cooking methods. e.g. Indirect or direct cooking.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 8
Put the lid on and get some heat into the Weber One Touch Original 57cm BBQWeber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 9
Here we have a nice shoulder of lamb some Rosemary and pre chopped garlic.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 10
Rub the Lamb in a good amount of olive oil all over and grind some salt and pepper all over it to season. Finally rub the garlic into the seasoning and ensure its fully covered in the rub.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 11
Here is an example of how to setup the barbecue for Indirect cooking which is also called the Roasting setup. This is ideal for large joints of meat that need a longer cooking time.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 12
Here is an example of the Direct cooking method on the Weber One Touch Original 57cm. This is ideal for cooking small pieces of meat like burgers, chicken strips, kebabs etc. As the food is directly above the heat source.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 13
The Weber Hinged Cooking Grate is now on along with the Lamb. You can see we are using the Direct cooking method to start with, this is to quickly sear the outside of the lamb. 5-8mins either side should do it.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 14
We added some Weber Mesquite Wood Chips to the briquettes, these inject a fantastic smokey flavour into the meat. Soak these in water for at least 30mins beforehand, add to the briquettes just before adding the meat. REMEMBER TO KEEP THAT LID ON!!Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 15
The lamb is coming along nicely. You can see we've now moved it to the Indirect method to roast the large piece of meat slowly. Keeping all the lovely juices and flavours in. The Weber Large Drip Pans fit perfectly between the holders on a Weber 57cm BBQ Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 17
This is whats so good about the Weber Hinged Cooking Grates. All you have to do is lift open the side hinge, pop some more briquettes in or in this case some more wood chips. Close the side grate and carry on cooking with the lid down. This means there is no need to remove the cooking grate along with all the food just to add more fuel. Highly recommended.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 18
Simply pop some more wood chips on...Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 19
Close the hinged grate back over...Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 20
Carry on cooking!Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 21
We forgot to add the fresh Rosemary in our excitement to get barbecuing! So here it is.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 22
We added some of the fresh Rosemary to the briquettes to smoke into the lamb.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 23
Cuts made into the lamb and fresh Rosemary pushed in.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 24
Quick check on the Weber Thermometer, we are looking for around 70 degrees c before is done.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 25
We parboiled some carrots, parsnips and onions and added them to the juices caught in the drip pan.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 26
The lamb is done now so we pushed the Weber Charcoal holders together to directly cook the vegetables. Finishing them off nicely.Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 27
The briquettes were still going after a good 2hours. These can be reused, just close all the vents and pop the lid back on to smother them out. Leave until the next bbq and tip into the chimney starter!Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 28
Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 29
The finished Sunday dinner cooked on the the Weber barbecue. The Lamb was so moist and had a wonderfully smokey flavour all the way through the meat. Totally delicious, get out there and use your barbecue, it doesnt have to be sunny!Weber BBQ Recipe Roast Lamb 30

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