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Weber BBQ Rotisserie - How to use review

Rotating Barbecue Magic - Weber BBQ Rotisserie

JUICY MEAT with a crisp surface - what every barbecue enthusiast dreams of. This is where the Weber BBQ rotisserie excels, because the rotating spike causes juices and flavour to stay with the meat during barbecuing, giving perfect results. A Weber rotisserie is also highly versatile.

Delicious juicy barbecue chicken with delicate crisp skin. Legs of lamb that will get you salivating, and perfect medium rare roast beef with lots of flavour. A rotisserie is the ultimate barbecue accessory, keeping the juices and flavour in the meat and other ingredients cooking uniformly. It might sounds too good to be true, but with a rotisserie you can chop up the salad or enjoy a glass of wine while the barbecue does all the work.


The rotisserie is by no means a new invention. Cooking food on a spike is actually an old tradition. The rotisserie was already popular in the Middle Ages in wealthy households, where a servant boy would sit and slowly turn the spike to produce a juicy, evenly cooked result. Mechanical rotation systems were added later, often powered by dogs. But the result was always the same – such delicious food that the tradition of barbecuing on a spike still tantalises taste buds around the globe – even today where dogs have been replaced by a motor. And it makes barbecuing as simple as it can be.


Armed with a spike and electric motor in the form of Weber’s rotisserie – which is available for charcoalgas, q series and electric barbecues – you can cook juicy poultry, crisp pork crackling and divinely tender legs of lamb. Even large roasts like turkey and goose give perfect results with the slow rotation, which constantly distributes the heat as the meat cooks. Potato wedges or whole roasted pineapple on the rotisserie are other treats that will leave you with a comfortable glow in body and soul. The essence of what a rotisserie can do.

The Weber Rotisserie in brief

The best ideas are often the simplest ones and that is also true of the rotisserie. It is simple and easy to use, and once you have tried it there is no going back. They are available for:-

Weber Charcoal BBQ Rotisserie, Weber Spirit BBQ Rotisserie, Weber Genesis BBQ RotisserieWeber Q Rotisserie and Weber Summit BBQs come with tuck away rotisseries as standard.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Spike

The spike is the axis the food rotates around. You push it through the food to be cooked, and then attach it to the motor.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Motor

The heart of the rotisserie is the motor, which makes the spike rotate. When you want to barbecue, place the motor in the bracket provided, then simply insert the spike in the motor and turn on the switch. On Weber Q models and the large gas bbq series, you have to install the bracket the first time you use the rotisserie.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Extension Ring/Shield

Depending on which bbq you have, an extension ring (57cm kettle bbq) or shield (Weber Q) may be included. This provides the necessary space for the food to rotate. The cookbox on the large gas bbqs has been designed to allow space for the rotisserie, so there is no need for an extension ring or shield on these models.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Forks

Forks are included with all rotisseries - irrespective of the model. These are used to hold the food firmly in place on the spike during barbecuing.

How to use a Weber BBQ Rotisserie - The Method

Weber Rotisserie Grilling on Charcoal

Weber Rotisserie Grilling on Gas

- Remove the cooking grate and put the ring / shield in place if using a kettle bbq or Weber Q model

- Attach the motor to the bracket

- Place the inner fork on the spike. Then put food on and over the fork and tighten in place. Place the second fork in the other end of the food and tighten

- Place the tip of the spike in the motor, lie it down and let it slide into place

- Connect to power, press the button so that the meat rotates, and PUT THE LID ON.

When using a rotisserie always remember these guidelines below:

  1. First and foremost, all Weber rotisseries (gas or charcoal) have a 20 lb. maximum weight limit
  2. Almost any recipe that calls for indirect heat for a large piece of protein works well on the rotisserie
  3. When doing rotisserie cooking, using a drip pan filled with veggies and broth or water can help to impart a great flavor to your food, while also catching the dripping to be used later as gravy. 
  4. Always refer to your instruction sheet or manual for proper safety and lighting instructions before turning on the rotisserie
  5. The cooking time and temperature will be the same as with other methods
  6. Be sure to always use two grill mitts for safety
  7. When using the Infrared burner in the back of the Summit® S-670™ gas grill, turn it off after 20 minutes of grilling, and finish the food over indirect heat.

Weber Rotisserie BBQ Recipes

- HAM -

Weber BBQ Rotisserie Ham Recipe

Glazed ham brings a smile to most people's lips. To ensure it stays tender and firm, you can salt the ham a day ahead, but otherwise it is very simple to cook on a rotisserie. Simply place it on the spike and cook the roast for 1 1/2 hours. Glaze often contains sugar, so you should only brush it on the ham during the last half an hour - otherwise it can cause the meat to scorch.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Lamb Recipe

You can cook a divinely tender leg of lamb - on or off the bone - on a rotisserie. and it is ultra-simple. A leg of lamb off the bone should be cooked for 1 1/2 - 2 hours over indirect heat at about 185 degrees c, while a leg on the bone should be cooked slightly longer. You can season the lamb however you want - for example with mint or juniper berries or simply salt and pepper.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Porchetta Recipe

A rotisserie is perfect for cooking a delicious. crisp porchetta. This is a real treat. whether you serve it hot, or as cold sliced meat the following day. It is a good idea to put salt on the rind a day ahead, to draw out the liquid. You should also use fresh meat. It is rare for frozen meat to produce crisp crackling. Cook the porchetta for about 1 1/2 hours at 200 degrees c .


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Duck Recipe

Forget about dry duck and limp skin. With a rotisserie you can cook the most delicious duck - perhaps the classic version with apple, lemon and thyme stuffing served with red wine sauce. Simply rinse the duck, fill it with the desired stuffing, place it on the spike and insert this in the rotisserie motor. The gravy is also easily done - simply place potherbs in an aluminium tray under the duck as it cooks and add a little water. Remove this just before the duck is ready and you will have the best stock to make gravy with. Simple. easy and delicious.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Venison Recipe

A rotisserie is ideal for a delicacy like leg of venison, and you can cook it on or off the bone. Trim the meat, place it on the spike and rub with a spice mix, if desired. Let it draw for at least four hours before barbecuing over indirect heat at 200 degrees c. You can use whatever rub you wish. One containing juniper berries and mustard seeds goes well with venison.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Pineapple Recipe

You can cook more than just meat on a rotisserie! Fruit can also be delicious. Pineapple is a particular favourite, and you can choose a sweet or more spicy version. Or something in between - barbecued whole pineapple glazed with honey, vanilla seeds and chilli - a hit with adults and children alike. Peel the pineapple, place it on the spike and insert it in the rotisserie motor. Cook over indirect heat with the lid on for 45 minutes. Brush the pineapple with the glaze as you barbecue it for a further 15 minutes.


Weber BBQ Rotisserie Roast Beef Recipe

Treat your family to tender juicy roast beef - a classic all over the world. The trick is to take the roast off the heat at the right time, so you end up with a juicy medium rare piece of meat with lots of flavour. There are also a wide range of seasoning options to experiment with. For example, try brushing with rosemary oil during the final 15 minutes of cooking time - it tastes fantastic.

KEEP ON SPINNING - With Weber Rotisserie Accessories

A rotisserie opens up a world of opportunities for cooking tender juicy temptations that excite the senses and give creative barbecuing souls a glow. Handy extra accessories make it even more fun to let the rotisserie do the work.



The handy new fine mesh basket opens up a whole new world of food you can cook in small pieces on the rotisserie. Make crisp French fries, or treat the children and the young at heart with popcorn made on the barbecue. The fine mesh basket is also ideal for seafood and finely cut vegetables. Fits all Weber rotisseries - except for the Q100/Q1000 series.



Anyone who loves barbecue skewers is familiar with the problem of getting everything cooked evenly. The skewer set for the rotisserie solves this problem. First of all, the set allows you to barbecue up to six skewers at the same time, and since the skewers rotate during cooking, you can be confident all the food will be cooked evenly. The set contains 12 strong skewers in two different lengths. Fits all Weber rotisseries.



Weber's rectangular wire basket makes it even easier to cook juicy chicken drumsticks, tasty vegetables, crisp potato wedges - even a delicious meatloaf - on the barbecue. Place the basket on the rotating spike and the barbecue will ensure the contents are cooked evenly, without you having to lift a finger. Fits all Weber rotisseries - except for the Q100/1000 series.

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