What is the Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer System?

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Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer

Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer - IT'S THE END OF THE GRILL GRATE AS WE KNOW IT!

The grill grate has been around for years and it hasn't really changed much. In fact I'm not sure it's really changed at all!   It just sits there and gets dirty. What if we gave it something to do besides just sitting there? What if we halved it and allowed it to function on different levels to create different heat zones? To create more grilling space. What if we made it interchangeable with specialty cooking surfaces. What if we made it versatile and useful?

Well thats exactly what Kamado Joe have done, they've given us multi-level flexibility, multi-surface versatility.  The clever and revolutionary Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System replaces the ordinary grill grate. The key is the “Half Rack Design” the halving of all components to allow for multi-level flexibility and multi-surface versatility. The two- piece cooking grid and multi-level rack give you 3 big advantages over the standard grill grate!

Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer System

Advantage 1 - GET TWICE THE COOKING SPACE (or more)

The Flexible Cooking System allows you to cook on two different levels at the same time, effectively doubling your cooking space! With the optional Grill Expander you can even cook on three levels. This gives you 660 square inches of total cooking surface – more than any other standard (18") grill!


The halved Kamado Joe Heat Deflector (included) allows you to create different heat zones within the grill at the same time. For example, on one side, you install a half Heat Deflector on the lower level and a cooking grate on the upper level. Here you can cook veggies with indirect heat. At the same time, on the other side, you install a half grate on the lower level to cook your meat.


The Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System also allows you to add custom halved Kamado Joe Cooking Surfaces for even more cooking versatility!  Such as laser cut Stainless Steel or Cast Iron grates, Cast Iron Griddles, Pizza Stones and Soapstones.

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But how do you use KJ's Divide & Conquer Cooking System?

Take a look at the parts that make the Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer cooking grate and the various configurations you can use - Its truly genius!

What is the Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer System

Watch the video it helps make it all visual!

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