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Kamado Joe BBQs UK - Premium Ceramic Grills

Kamado Joe BBQs offer a range of ceramic grills that impart a rich, smoky flavour to meat, fish and vegetables. Their innovative design is inspired by the kamado, an ancient, Asian style grill, which worked by air flowing through the grill's ceramic body and out from its vented dome. Kamado Joe is proud to draw on that tradition, while modernising the grill’s classic style with unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative accessories and a range of flexible cooking surfaces.

Kamado grills have thicker walls and retain heat more efficiently and effectively than other grills. Their exceptional barbecue range is complemented by pizza oven, rotisserie and Kamado Joe accessories.

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Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Bundle

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  • Kamado Joe Elite Partner - We a proud to be recognised as a Kamado Joe Elite dealer, we get the latest KJ products first and more!
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Kamado grills take their name from the term used to describe a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal fueled cooking appliance called a kamado. A traditional kamado was made from clay or other ceramic material to create a large urn or "egg" like vessel, similar to a tandoor, whose round shape and heavy construction allowed unique cooking benefits.

Undoubtedly, ceramic grills are the best kamado grills in terms of temperature control, durability and versatility. Definitely an investment for years to come.


Kamado Joe Grill DifferencesNot sure what the differences are between the Kamado Joe Grill models?  Take a look at our Kamado Joe Comparison Review page to help explain all the differences between the ceramic grill models.


Fuel Efficient

Kamado Joe BBQs are incredibly fuel efficient. The heavy ceramic sides retain heat well, meaning very little charcoal and oxygen are necessary for fuel. Perfect for low, slow cooked meats or diehard winter grillers.  

Versatile Cooking Methods

Kamado grills are versatile, designed for multiple cooking methods. Accessories like the ceramic heat deflector turn a direct grill into an indirect cooker.  Firebox dividers can create two cooking zones. With the right accessories and setup, a kamado grill can bake, roast, smoke, sear, saute, grill, and much more.

For even more flexibility, try the 3 tier Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer Cooking System. This exclusive, multilevel, half rack design doubles cooking space and expands your culinary options. 

Important Notes About Kamado Grills

Not all kamado grills are equal. Some kamados, such as Kamado Joe BBQs feature a higher quality construction and feature a much better design to create a more versatile grill, such as the revolutionary SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert.

Cooking temperature range​ - with a Kamado Joe BBQ you can easily cook at temperatures between 200°F and 750+°F. You can roast chickens and turkeys in the 350-450°F range, and sear burgers and steaks in the 500-550° range. Baking pizzas at 600°F or higher is no problem. The Kamado Joe can handle a wider variety of cooking temperatures than most other grill and smoker platforms. 

Heat retention​ - ceramic Kamado Joe BBQs have a thermal mass that soaks up heat and holds it for a long time. The major advantage of this design is temperature stability that outclasses thin metal grills. 

Moisture retention​ - the shape of the Kamado Joe creates convection currents inside that create air circulation that helps retain moisture. When I open the dome lid on my Kamado Joe bbq my glasses often fog over from the moisture. That doesn't happen on any of my other grills. The moist environment helps provide more efficient cooking without the need for a water pan. 

Fuel efficiency​ - Kamado Joe BBQs can easily run in excess of 18 to 20 or more hours at smoking temperatures with no need to refuel.

Weather resistant cooking​ - Kamado Joe BBQs are less affected by cold, rain, or wind, and are weather resistant for efficient outdoor use. 

The Kamado Joe BBQ Choices

The Kamado Joe Classic

The Kamado that set a new high standard for craftsmanship and innovation, the Kamado Joe Classic is the perfect size for typical backyard grilling and smoking.

The Kamado Joe Classic II

The Kamado Joe Classic 2 is the latest grill in the Kamado Joe Range. Maintaining the high standards of craftsmanship and innovation synonymous with Kamado Joe this model is packed with new features, making it the most advanced kamado grill available anywhere today.

The Kamado Joe Classic III

The Kamado Joe® Classic 3 includes our newest innovation, the revolutionary SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert.

The Kamado Big Joe II

Everything that made the Kamado Joe Classic II an instant hit, only bigger, the Kamado Big Joe 2 is the most versatile kamado and can easily accommodate three full racks of ribs. Designed with thick-walled, heat-resistant ceramic that keeps meat moist by sealing in smoke and flavour, the Big Joe is a work of expert craftsmanship.  Take a look at the Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 BBQs

The Kamado Big Joe III

Sharing the same uncompromising design, innovation and functionality of the Classic III, but the Kamado Big Joe 3 delivers even more cooking surface for those big groups or events.  How the seen all the packs available, Kamado Joe Big Joe III BBQs

The Kamado Joe Jnr

Whether tailgating or cooking out by the lake, the high quality—and portable— Kamado Joe - Joe Jr makes premium grilling possible just about anywhere.

The Kamado Joe Kettle Joe

This is Kamado Joe's newest, hottest and most exciting product yet!  The Kamado Joe Kettle Joe is kettle grill but with all the benefits of a Kamado, improved heat retention, fuel efficiency and awesome smoking ability.  Take a look.

The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe

Experience a new era of ceramic grilling with the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker.  The Konnected Joe makes lighting a fire easy.  Simply press the Automatic Firestarter (AFS™) button to ignite your charcoal, set your desired cooking temperature with the digital Kontrol Board™ or the Kamado Joe App and let the Kontrol Fan™ do the rest.  See the full range of value packs here: Kamado Joe Konnected Joe BBQs


Crafted to perform better and last longer. That’s the simple, uncompromising quality standard that drives Kamado Joe - from design to production. Their goal is simple: that each product bearing their name becomes a trusted part of exceptional grilling experiences.


From our earliest days, our focus was on solving problems others hadn’t or couldn’t so that people could get more out of grilling. We don’t settle. It’s a commitment that’s clear in everything from the features of our flagship grills to the size of our massive lump charcoal.  Kamado Joe Black Friday deals here.


Which pack will you choose for your Kamado Joe model; ELEMENTS PACK, DISCOVERY PACK, EXPLORER PACK, ADVENTURER PACK, QUEST PACK or the VOYAGER PACK...?  Within the categories above you'll see the following packs for each model, take your pick!

ELEMENTS PACKKamado Joe Big Block Charcoal, Kamado Joe Cover, Kamado Joe Fire Starters.
DISCOVERY PACKELEMENTS + Kamado Joe Cast Iron Griddle, Kamado Joe Grate, Kamado Joe Pizza Stone.
EXPLORER PACKDISCOVERY + Kamado Joe Soapstone, Kamado Joe Laser Cut Stainless Steel Fish & Veg Grate.
ADVENTURER PACKKamado Joe JoeTisserie, Kamado Joe Basket Set, Kamado Joe Cast Iron Griddle, Kamado Joe Grate.
QUEST PACKELEMENTS + Kamado Joe DoJoe, Kamado Joe Pizza Peel.